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on "How to restart lending?"

WG Leader
: Mr. Erik Versavel, CEO, ING Bank

The Working Group was created with the aim to facilitate the restart of lending process in Ukraine. The main goals of the WG are as follows:





  • Strengthening depositors’ confidence in the banking system of Ukraine;
  • Sustainable development of the deposit market and growth of the long-term domestic funding share;
  • Minimizing credit costs, mitigating bank risks and enhancing the role/share of domestic loans;
  • Improving legal regulation and procedures with a view to enhancing protection of creditor and borrower rights.


  • Broadening local banks’ and corporate’s awareness of how foreign banks look at credit activities;
  • Improving refinancing procedures of the NBU;
  • Facilitating resolution of bad loans problem;
  • Enhancing regulation of deposit taking institutions;
  • Ensuring stability of the local currency funding base;
  • Promoting debt issuance by international institutions;
  • Fostering gradual de-dollarization.


  • Elaborating a specific WG’s activity framework (determine areas in which the WG can be more effective than the NABU);
  • Organizing workshops / trainings in partnership with the NBU on such topics as credit risk assessment, credit analysis, cash flow reviews, relationship aspects of lending and borrowing;
  • Pushing for the decision allowing international financial institutions to issue UAH-denominated debts;
  • Facilitating mortgage lending by setting norms for LTV and DTI;
  • Monitoring tentative benchmarks of Ukraine’s banking system, such as GDP expectations, credit rating of the state, LCY liquidity, and prospects for cooperation with the IMF.


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