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Mission and Goals


  • The Forum for Leading International Financial Institutions (Forum) is to promote and implement international best practices of management and supervision for the Ukrainian financial market.


  • To embark upon a value added high-level policy dialogue with relevant authorities in order to further develop the financial sector enabling the economy to grow and develop for the benefit of Ukraine and its people.


  • Legitimacy, independence, transparency and autonomy of each and all Members of the Forum
  • Credence and mutual assistance of the Members in achieving of the objectives of the Forum
  • Non-interference with the business activity of the Members by the Forum or by other Members


  • Developing a stable and transparent Ukrainian financial services system oriented towards Western values
  • Representation to state authorities the interests of the Members with respect to financial matters significantly impacting the further development of the market
  • Protection of the Members’ interests, ensuring legal guarantees of their activities by means of discussing the ongoing issues and problems of the banking sector in Ukraine, elaboration of the proposals and draft laws aimed at development of the banking sector, etc.
  • Facilitating formation of legal and regulatory basis for financial services in Ukraine
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with leading market players, relevant associations for the purpose of accessing relevant expertise and international best practices in the financial services sector
  • Facilitating press-relationships on matters pertaining to the activities and viewpoints of the Forum
  • Improving professional skills and practice of mangers and specialists by means of organizing trainings, conferences, seminars, etc.

Reasons for Establishing the Forum:

  • During the recent financial crisis the Ukrainian financial sector faced serious systematic problems
  • Leading International Financial groups have gained significant experience in emerging markets related to successful addressing these problems. This experience can be successfully utilized in the Ukrainian financial services sector
  • The Ukrainian financial services community is lacking a platform that promotes international best practices in the Ukrainian financial services sphere


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