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Oleksandr Pysaruk
Oleksandr Pysaruk Raiffeisen Bank, the Сhairman of the Board
Stefano Burani
Stefano Burani Pravex Bank, the Chairman of the Board
Yannis Kyriakopoulos
Yannis Kyriakopoulos Piraeus Bank ICB,Chairman of the Management Board

Convenient and effective platform for discussing the vital issues of the banking community. In the framework of regular meetings, bankers have a unique opportunity to meet and discuss with top officials of state and government bodies, as well as representatives of respected international organizations. All this makes it possible to reform the financial sector of Ukraine, make it closer, more transparent and professional for the economic development of our country.

Bernd Wurth
Bernd Wurth Deutsche Bank DBU, CEO

FLIFI is granting an outstanding platform in its outreach and ability to establish a sustainable dialogue with the Ukrainian Government and its authorities. Enjoying the highest degree of trust and credibility, this forum delivers a secure space for an effective cooperation between FLIFI members, the Regulator and governing bodies to develop Ukraine as a Role Model in terms of the Financial Industry in an emerging market. This is an essential asset which could ultimately lead to the economic climate and attractiveness of Ukraine for international investors.

Victor Ponomarenko
Victor Ponomarenko ProCredit Bank, General Manager
Saida Djarbolova
Saida Djarbolova ING Bank, CEO

Fruitful mutual cooperation and participation of ING Bank Ukraine in various events of FLIFI strengthens our relationships and enlarges the concept of ING Bank Ukraine to empower people to stay a step ahead in life and in business.

Carlos De Cordoue
Carlos De Cordoue Credit Agricole Bank, the Chairman of the Board

We consider activity of the association as dynamic and efficient. I believe, our cooperation will be fruitful and will bring the real value to the development of Ukrainian economy.

Alexander McWhorter
Alexander McWhorter Citibank, the Chairman of the Management Board. FLIFI Chairman
Kristian Andersson
Kristian Andersson SEB Corporate Bank, Country Manager
Laurent Dupuch
Laurent Dupuch UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group, Chairman of the Board

UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group is happy to participate and contribute to the FLIFI initiatives which demonstrated to be very useful and material to support the development of the banking industry in Ukraine. In this major sector, foreign banks are definitively playing a key role. They are able to collaborate together in a totally compliant way and in the same time to do it in a very friendly atmosphere.

Rafal Juszczak
Rafal Juszczak Alfa-Bank, General Manager
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